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September 30, 1974     The Times-Journal
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September 30, 1974

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m Believe it 000.,9004 CO00ON 00,il Hold "People and the Land" 1 or Not... Workshops in 28 Oregon Cities as Four years ago John Habesohn - returned to his native village in In April and May, 1974, a public lands, forests and forest lands, Southern Austria. The village, workshop for Oregon citizens was energy resources, estuaries and C r i s t a c h, a n d J o h n ' s conducted in 28 towns and cities related wet lands, shorelandsp is  father's farm He very near the throughout the state in an effort economic development and em- . ! Bohemian border, to gain a better understanding of ployment, urbanization/urban tolQ When he arrived at Cristach what people think abouttheirlaad developmentj housing, pollution, .' in after beiv away for 64 years, and how and where they would freeways and major highways w n ir he found himself in the midst like to see it conserved and and urban mass transit and of a frolicking festival ... a developed. T h e s e workshops Of these subjects, area inter- rnin festival, he later found out, to were among the flrstoftheirkind eat centered around agricultural exp honor the village's 200th anni- in the country, lands, forests and forest lands, r versary. Last Monday (September 16), economic development and em- dia To John it was a perfect home- nearly 60 people, representing ployment, andhousing--although ess coming ... a reunion with fanKly, Gilliam, Wheeler, Morrow and it was pointed out that each tea with friends, and with good old erman Counties, were present subject would have an effect on :lea  LAR times, for the second "People and the Eastern Oregon, directly or in. s, c ENCE BARE FOLLOWS her charges out to waiting John came to Condon in 1905 Land" public workshop held in directly. sol: ,. Kindergarten lets out for the day. Kindergarten is by stagecoach and can remem. Condom A third round of public meet. fo  in the Condon Grade School building as a part of ber when the north end of Main The information gathered from ings will be held in November, yea .25 for the flrbttimein the district's history. Street ended at Burns Brothers' citizens at the first round o with final hearings in December. on - Grocery (then the post office) workshops last spring was com- In January 1975, LCDC will adopt ton  --and beyond tlmt was sagebrush piled and presented at the Monday the final revisions accumulated of and coyotes, night meeting for suggestions and from the series of public meet- per comments. The ideas generated ings. Hunting mbi .t the second rotmd of workshops andAnaflrnnsessinw/thcitcounty Olis from (lliRn's ,am(th r 0 lu a Bas in b. us00. revise, supple- ' 13 ment and improve these and nef counttes was held gnCme, To Install Line . ..-,, T h e L a n d Conservation side land use plans. be t Columbia Basin Electric Coop and Development Commission 'ee ! N V 0 L V E D . . . has a orKractor o/1 the system (LCDC), created in 1973 by the The bill also asked this coin. lwn .M to install three sections o( line. Oregon State Legislature in Sea. mission t o identify critical 'd,f' i The first project is the in. ate Bll/ 100, is a eonuntssion geographieareaswlthintlm-- us for your custom-made on of 7,150 ft. of 23 KV of seven citizens which is reg. requiring S p t a I stttmtkm. tstng' ee cable to the top  Black Moun. ponsible for determ/ning goals Major goals.lremlsesandissues : v3 ' signs of the season. "-  guidelines for landconserva, were developed for e 1 e v e n , The second project will be to t/on and development in C,-egon. critical a r a s: sgrlcultural ota HUNTING PERMITS AI_, AVAILABLE lay 6,340 ft.  15 KV cable along ion "Nn HUNTING . . . NO Hi.way 74 near lone. This will 00ESe00,NC Mik kd Happ ings be an lnston to anew the 0 en t l:  HUNTINfi BY PERMISSION ONLY . . remoml of the very old feeder al ;.6.t .. o .TC.  #fsq =.i) " line whtchrtmsveryelosetothe MIKKALO TO BAN OUTDOOR action ml an ordinance barllg highway east of lone. PLUMBING the use (g or the existence ,I . in a new feeder line from the by George Msdsen rared to as a -Prlvvy" or  ........ .......... Globe Txmes [ oti( , s Heppner Substation to serve the fl has lo been lmowninliterm-y ch  m East end of Heppner. Hi,on An  group of citizens led circles, a "Cld Sale." ar rego Phone M4-2431 | Creek area, Willow Creek area by irate Itlzen Harrlett men Chl Sale was a noted cartoon- sad  -- and to provide loop feed fro" stormed into this week's council ist of yesteryear whose final it  s the town  Heppner. ' _ meeting demanding immediate panel of his cartoc strip always ek' CXLLI COUNTY COURT POCEDI$ 829 Linda Jo Smith -- juvenile Counselor Tr,vel Expense ....  a sketch of thls small i or ,  .00 building wlth his name embl  830 Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Co. -- Paper, D.A. II,20 nde ' ' session of the Cillia County Court held on Nednesday, September 831 Home Telephone Co. -- Telephone Service, Courthouse 121.56 Zood on the lor. illim county court House when re present: Judge James O. 832 Gillism County I.E.D. -- Copies, Photo Lab, Forms 292.29   it s Uers Clarence Potter and Letter Brooks and County Clerk Marianne 833 Condon Globe Times -- Legal Notices 110.40 ca &des were eemstrueta i lloing matters, among others, were discussed or acted upon: 834 K's Bookkeeping -- Office Supplies, Various 27.31 in various ways. from rough dec rl  Burroughs Corp. -- ibbons for Bookkeeping Hachine 18.00 planks, tar paper and slats, to Op PAYMENT OF CLAIMS FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST, 197/.: 836 Arlington Library Board -- Monthly Assistance 50.00 rno -- taittst Gilllam County for the nmnth of August 1974 were presented ar  lt payment and upon review appeared to be due and payable and TOTAL AUGUST, 1974 GENERAL FUND CLAIMS PAID $ 10,438.64 complete with shingles and a ed I 6,... " t was theref ....... d by CI ...... Pots ....... ded by Lester cupola add the roof. ;IHOUSLy ORDERED BY TIlE GILLIAH COUNTy COURT that claims totaling ROAD FUND CLAIMS FOR AUGUST, lq74: k- PId by the Clerk frown funds as indicated; -- C O ono blief  433 First Satlonal Sank of Oreg .... Payroll Exp .... $ 6,186.53 they were not eonflned to rural s 'UST, 9,:  P.lm s.. Li, ,,. co. -- c ..... x .... " P'. 2.0 areas. Inhundredsofelmshaded 35 P.H.A., Inc. -- Medical Insurance premitn 3OI.20 . tast .... Stamped Envelopes $ 7.20 636 Standard Ins. Co. -- pension plan Additional rr,=iu, 6,2.* streets in the east and magllia trrtey .. Appraiser's Mileage, July " 15.00 437 Dewey Kennedy o- Salary Due, Vacation rin:e 437.76 lined streets in the south they Grocery .. Supplies 4,9 43 I',entex Services Corp. .- uniform Supply 62.75 -- Bounty 3.00 43q H & A Auto Parts -- P.rts and Repair 96.25 were modestly concealed behind -" Stamps for D.A. 10.00 440 Home Telephone Co. "- Telephones, Shop and Office 38.84 the carriage house or perhaps a Ster .. Envelopes for Clerk 2.40 4.1 Condon Water & Sewer Dept. -- Water Service Shop 42.67 -- Indigent Relief 40.00 442 Columbia Basin Electric -- Electricity, 5hop 14.00 grape arbor or a row o( lilac Bounty 3.00 43 Pacific N.. Bell -- Telephone Service 9.67 "" Bounty 9,00 444 Stone Machinery Co., pendleton -- Pails and Repair I88.93 bushes, n mv eve. have been -- Stamped envelopes, etc,, Clerk M,.OO aa5 Atlantic Richfield Co. -- Petroleum products 1,033.82 complete with a board walk. e COUnsel Cornittce -- Special Session Laws .00 446 Norchem Corp, ,. Petroleum Products 39.40 On the western prairies how- rns .. Travel expenses 70,00 4a7 Standard C, il Co. of calif. -- pettoleum Products 68,55 COunsel Cormatttee -- Special Session Laws 10.00 4/,8 Tab Products -- Binder and Index 0.31 ever it was a different story, Bank of Oregon -- Payroll Expens 6,q36,51 44 Gllliam County I.E.D, -- Copies q,40 Bounty 6.00 450 K'S Bookkeeping "" office Supplies 14.99 There they stood, starkly ex- Ins. Co. o- Cancer Insurance Premium 25.30 147 Columbia Basin Ehctric -- Electricity, atch Plant SPFC.RD. 8.00 posed to public view in all their ' "- )ledical Insurance Premium 326.60 18 Dept. of Gology& Hineral industries -- b;ining Cperating Fie 250.00 "" Bounty 12.06 (SPEC. D. ) pristine innocence. SUrance Co. -- Increases, Pension Plaa Pro,alum 504,53 TOTAL ,,UG/'ST. t974 F, OAD/SPECIAL ROAD FUND CLAIMS ,'AID $ 9t501.11 This modest but nctlona August Sheriff Travel Expense 142.20 Ap,i,'  siz, 6.20 building holds a tender spot Inthe -- Tax Collector Travel Lxpense 39.60 ,EVENUE SHAKING CLAD!S FOB AUGUSta 1974: hearts of n men. It was a )f Revenue -- Happing, etc., Assessor 85.27 " Bounty 3.00 171 Walter tbb -- Painting, Clinic $ 136.75 place where a man could retreat rt Corp, -- Pens 47,57 I'2 First National Bank of Oref.on -- Payroll Expense 300,00 CS .. Addressograph Supplies 58.75 t73 PHA, Inc. -- Medical Insurance Premium 17.14 from the world for a while after OYes Retirement -- Sheriff's Pension Payment 87.00 a day's hard labor, and ff R was I Co... Binders and Indexes 18.64 TOTAL AUGUST, 1c,74 REVENUE bHARING CLAIMS PAID  453.80 a warm sununer eventng he could 'in llectri c .. Courthouse lectric Service 69.88 leave the door oper gaze into 1d Sewer Dept. -- Nater Service, Courthouse 124,55 Suntnry of cher Court matters follows: field Company -- Ful Oil, Courthouse 381.24 -- Appearance of City of Arlington officials concerning ferry at Arlington. the star laden sky and meditate In. Agency -- Premium. Boiler Blanket 239.00 "- Paint Supplies 30.20 -- City of Arlington requested permission to use private building inspector. On the 'infinite somme of the eCtrlc Co. -- Electrical Work 103.32 -- Hearing concerning termination of employment, Dey Kennedy. Stores -- Supplies, Maintenance 3.83 -- Harry J. Lutz, Jr. designated as Job Foreman, Road Department. Rosdmaster universe. position will reain oven. Today's modern bathroom with Service -- Garbage Disposal Service 29.00 -- Loan Trnsler ot $5,O00.bO approved from General Fund to Special Road. i ower/tractor repairs 48.06 -- Fred V. Creiner appeared concerning proposal for change of insurance carrier its gleaming chrome flxturesand nnell .."JurorJUrrFeeFee 10.0010"00 -- CountYjohnson.Randh pasture rented at $3.50 per pair per me. to H. Wtlklns, 8. b F. antiseptic atmostlre is nice, * ugh .. Juror Fee I0.00 -- Land Conservation g Development Workshop set for q/16/7, 7:30 p.m., Condon but somehow R is not the same. lllns .. Juror Fee I0.00 High School Hultl-Purpose goom. --.o Fo oo0 and it is with a lump in our "- Receipt Book, J.P. 39.96 GILLIA cour CT - throat that we note the passing Light -- Electric Service, J,?. lI.3q ATTgST:  of an era from our Amerlcan -" Telephone Service, J.F. 24,72 scene. Dept. -- Water Service, J.P. 6.95 GT-7 Iblll r 20, 1974. mmw.*