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August 16, 1974     The Times-Journal
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August 16, 1974

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who eee. ou twice innch, sthad later the aow Nim head up but nure arts of hours, Nlna she or Juice. if she she began and very bet mother room and she that Nina or @n- other rou. Be- more and shewas eot there of her weak she a xsplrator. had de- were &apos; correct di- a elus/c Ca te of az h eee md Ttore she dtwo more weeks before she was tually es food em give rise first time rids year mo.y work strone ,mgh to leave tbe bee. to be4adism if t in not proporly to chrome that falloffinsubse. Meanwhile the Hoalth Depart. mo=Wa to m.kto mthe spc/isd food that had caused the illness. ( M I0 Nina had tm lunch st a larp ponsored plmie where ma frame.canned foods were served. This seemed a v0ss/bil until Invest/pm found that no one who had eaten the same foods u Nlna had eottonstek. Ou9 Nina had dnmk some home. canned tomato Jutee. Somo of tbe toma Mee wu sWl la the reraU and, whm tested, it proved to contain th amom oftbe deadbotu, ttnal text. Botulism is a type of food poisoning caused by a spore which is a close re of the tetanus spore. Whancamed foods are not bested to high anough tmperm for a I enough time to kill the spore, it will begin to grow inside the tightly sealed can and pro- duce the deadly bctuUnal toxin. The time required to kill the botulism spore is less if the foods are very acid. But if modern low-acid tomatoes are being canned, it may take 11/2 hours of boWng to kill the spore. In apressure cooker at a tempersture of 250degrees (which requires 15 psi), the spores are frilled in I0 minutes r,ardless ct the acidity c the food. Nina's mother had piseed the tomato julee prepared from both highcld and low-acidtomatoes in a cold.pack canner and then boiled it for 20 minutes. This was not long eoough to kill the botulism spore. Most cases of botulism have been traced to home.canned foods. Although corn, tomatoes, snd grean bemm are the most fruantly involved foods, vlr- MOTORS, INC. CONDON, OREGON ",- m STOCK .,- Hmside Combine (Cam) Conditioner is0 Grain Drm. N,. IS0 Gram Drill 10W Center Drive Rod Weedm 6-bottom Trip Plow Forks Famhud Hay Ba, kot with Pu,hoff Bale [Jevator with Gas Engine 4" Grain Auser 20-ft. with motor mount t 4" ain Auger ll-ft, with motor 4" Truck Uuloeders 1 l-ft. powered by battery (for filhg grain drins) pnll Type No. 1032 Stack Wagon Combine Combine with Straw Dump John Deere Tractor  Tractor with FI0 Loader aad WIRE and 6-ft. FENCE POSTS SCOUTS PICKUPS '1'i)14 ud TD18 Used Parts prepar To prepare e.anned foods ssfaly, pressure  at 350 dqTees for 15 minutes is by far the sagest method. Addl acid to tbe foods to be esnned (uJually in the form of vinqor) u dittoed by the Extemd Agent will reduce the required boW tlme, but wan so, ma horn, esual ides reeom. mind t/mea which are tooshort to be se. The tasteless, odorless betu- Usm toxin cam bedeatroyJust b.ore eati by boUtfood viorously for 10 mlnutes.Thls preeantinn should be taken for all foods which you suspect were not prorly canned. And obvtoualy you should not wm taste food which smells "Off" or comes from a can with a puckered lid. ,Salem Scene Iq Jsck Zimrman BALLOT MEA,.HE CAM-- .PAKS CHANGED BY NEW STATUTE Bal/ot measurespossess a success record in Ore. gon elections andml onspecial oceuions achieve vote totals approaching those cast for na- t/onal or ststewlde offices. In fact, durtnthe last three decades someth/ less than 56 percent of all statewlde bal- lot measures have won voter approval And during the same period the falloff from totak cast for the prealdmy, for lnstanc and the most iutm estlng bal] measures has been in the  of 40.000 votes. Tlmt falla is only a smaU percan;ae of the 925,657 votes cut for mchard loa, George MeGovern and Joim Schnz. A new law in effect for the quint yeare --  zp- sap had nch to  with  pare,ar type of mse,,a- ch,eme The law was House Bill 3007 -- introduced stthe request of the Secretar of Stste md the AFL- (no - which hand .th0  (S-1) ma mrm .wk.d tUroq the Senate (16-14). t wuone gve uuO b/l/s reeommma by an ad hoe eommttee W. pouted to evine  m- eehres --  thoee lu. Oren's mdque Vct's Pampa. Previans to passq of HB 3007 a free pe in tbe pare. phist was  m a first. come ed basis for at. mt for or aOlnst a mea ure. There alan was an of. flcisl expismflm of the meu. ure prepared by a three.mere. bet committee aUd by tbe Secretary of State, including a proponent, opponent and one supposedly neutral individual. In addition to the official explanation and the free page, oppce and prop<merits could buy pses for $500 and make Just ut an kd c stat merit they wished about the issue. Furthermore, election officials were probated from censoring material ou tho pald pea. And while oponms and pro- portents aUke ma$ have objectivity, their matlalm became quite emaUz,,d to the point the agreed it tended to be alead and changed the law. At this fall's Nov. 5 general electim, each ballot meuore can have three pages in the Voter's Psmphlet. One pege will be an elal explan One page will offer argumeats or proponeats and the thirdwlll preseat armmts from oppo. neais. Seerem of Ste CI .vor, is chared with  five. persm eomtte to wrfle all three psgea. Two are pro- pmmm (and o must be a For Beautiful Remodeling and Resurfacing throughout Your House . . . by COqOUT DECORATIVE lAMINATE for .Cabinet doo I)rawer hmts ,Counter and sbl, top, .Cabinet from Sackum *Tables ,Van ,a ..beshment ILm , Te=. w5 ordn houchoM .cb,m "k Heat, dm and scratch rublat "k Even applies around corners PARMAN & HARRIS LUMBER CO. Condon, Oregon Phone 384-2772 [ [ [ [ [ AUGUST 16. 1974 CONDON GLOB-TIMES PAGE |' sponanr if tbe meamu is re. ferred to voters by the Lte. Imu). two are opponemO and these four  on aflfthso. caned neumd pots. Ift tamer r m tbe flft thm have bern at work and beaHnp are beln onducted on ,ome of the elanaUo. Tbe tuk of preparl md edWn theae e. planaflena is not small and com. m/tree members serve wltho pe. For this fan's oral eise. t.  isbrmzd o a total of 14 state.wideballot measures. Twelve ware re. ferred by the Le[al, me wu referred by public peti. tion and the r muanre ot m tbe ball by tbe infiX. Wve route. Elevea are stttutlmal ants. Meuore No. I would mit  Uqu=,.mZ,k licensee to public passmpr carriers. Meuure No. 2 would al/m- inate a provistm that now per- m tu, Lmm to r.quire seere for a partieuisr mesh- Measure No. $ would elim- the Meess/  Jury Indlctmmt for felony pro. secutn. Measure No. 4 would ehae the 0-year minimum age re. quiremm for aperson suceet. Ing to the office c Governor. Msure NO. 5 will Wiar bhmk ca tbe ballot bau It was re.referred by the 1974 special sesalcn and was lwsed dm t mry  Measure No. 6 would permit establishing qual/flestions for county aueas. Measure No. 7 would ewes and axmties to dlsaxmt fedora/revenue sharimoniea in eatablishlnS lawful mbdmum tax bases. Messure No. 8 would permit 18, 19 md S0.ear,id, to voe in sch eleettam. Measure No. 9 woaldpmmlt state empires to bea Ltmr,. Meuore NO. 10 wouidre6a the minlmam s forvethin all elections to 18 yearS, re-, duee r r,d,mmmto 30 ds from six mm tad  the utora r,,dm- merit. IHI -Measure No. 11 would In. oreue from 0 to  the amomt of a claim in eivU aon auarau  rls to rytr. Measure No. 12 w mdd peru. mn stmbendtoudst dttm and eoml.ea for . eau ekem,; duet II. Mmum No. 14 weeid tKdwM House Bill 3304 esMbUsbl rules ot conduct md reporthg for certain ptid nl ata/d public officials. And Measore No, lr tb' lnWstive, would mlt pun. ehue or sale of tmelbNdl, bere are ma rum hal- lot measures reflect eerta/n faUoff fromvotea cut for major flee#. They're farther o the ballot, for instance. And m are whst la call " measures- ConsU ms Fed. eral or state laws. With ml c ,tomSk of new Voter's Pmhbt Pro.  rard ballot ram- ure pontd (-1 tm 's ar), it's way too earl to dstermlne wlmher the new law will increase or de- crease voter fallout. forumUmz might more poople to vote. But allm- insure of ennUaud ,tomb mtsht tmd to rea, ea Intermt th bu run rampmt on oee alon. At m rm, inm - Ueve voters are geW mu obJflve inf m benot msuor this year  your Voter's Pamdet will beint re,el byOm. Chk it out for olshd lmm ml m m tbemumym'll vote o NOv. 5. A Willie Saver-Tip . . . IT PAYS TO SAVE ENERGY Columbia Basin Electric Coop., Inc. Serving 3,010 square miles in Morrow, GiUiam, Wheeler, Umatilla Counties. Hepgner , Oregoa 17N 7