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August 16, 1974     The Times-Journal
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August 16, 1974

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PN Z CONIN GIX)BE-TB(.S AUGUST 16, 1974 CONDON GLOBE-TIMES COUNTY'S NEWSPAPER illln N SUBSCRIFMON ITES: $5.00. Single copies, 10c. Pub- shed evecy FYklay. Second ck postage paid at Corwkm, Ore u eecoml dws maul. Box 746,  Oregon 97823.. A. F. (BUCK) LECKIE, Publisher )LAREN E. STINCHF1ELD, Managing Editor MRS. LOUIS GILLIAM, News Editor DAVISON,  NIEL LYNNER, Printer MAC'S MUSINGS . . . , /Jta, several remarks hmve been leveled towards m, to the  that I have boon using scLre tab-tics In uv commoJ m.luz er. AI I can say is, Ks hlu'dm talk sboe  sre en make it n sound scarl  however, Is not to scare astoria, bt only to ma  an aMenuttlve w of tMmtag. If tt scares y to. read sat is written here, perbs you suld look  the 'a. emul/van" wth little m re co, era. I m to m m,y en,  cl.r ou this volatile issue. '(kll more energy wtll be dd to 9uly our grog.n8 de. ,LM and ln '! no w OpgOSd m peodkt mo ercy. I db  l,)er, tl we ]ve lown acuond to  -:e of e,lela  we he,4. eom, teceal ism and testin tln, of nuclear  are eomtred to the samv for an alter.ive 0r, elaslflcon, os is, atlc fuels ha or-  etc.) and eaar anerg source, tlare is no d Amt dMme,. ]u reeoIze the key word? Yes, "safer." I am thkMg h, tor of what could and hu havened. AF.Co- ieisb m   during 1973, 81 "almor evmts" ruSoeetlve leak, oc-rod In the nation's 52 nuclear pmmr pirate. ACes Hord Reservatim in southoutem Wu /na Im lmksd halt a  lon of hfh/y ra4ioave/l. d we hm/dutal ommin tl soft. It is true th n propous of altomvepowsr sources are  and vodferous to the point of beh raa howeer, u  Iteh 9ad in 19$, "our rep:esenblvu &qd sqmre w muat carry tbe fat of aoue e. Fro Ama'B oce is you a!/, youn ad old. all n be Imml md walmml. 11no emstlon boLll do to tMa Are wo to tlks th, risk of Me aad lend for lmmlisto eemoc groh? Wh3 shoa  "yoger geneS' st ha aad sj "OI to the of the "oldWc geaerIon  wb} are th in "r M Im=wKllae eomIe--tm,l but ow leas will it last? I  clar'y that I am not eategorl 'omgar" ad "ehk  into "la" and "e" gro,,ps, tt doesa't wwk  ws. 0A , Fm s0qag is that the energy corporam9  for mmy y8 and have made poldbie m Bin. Our dee otbem, howwer, hu xNma al mm Tlae emm'gy eorn-u e ma. e submission to THEIR best interwtsinatesdof our OWN, td I ir  m  hg  secspt  ,,mm-. Imtrom (]liism COURt, 1 lwurelsed bere, m" riemis mkwe, mypaatls here auMois mS, turo. M'xmdor concern ,s not 11o in a. lnnum,  lc boom. ke in ae    vr take the d wm Umee -...___. - to cure ekilblalas. Grubby GaRt By Letter to Dear Fxlttor: the Editor: Wayne L. Morse was acUve]y involved in over a arter century of Oregon political and social history. Mmy, ma Oregonisns had intore contacts wth htm Now .is the time to preserye our nmHes of WaYne. Pieue publtab this latter as a reqset to your readers to with others  points of their experiences with Senator Morse. I sun aidn that Oreoni9 wrLto letters describing their interesting expeL'Lances with Sanator M,)me and send the letter to me. In rebn I will mj/each contributor a copy of all the letters which I receive, ed/ted in booklet form, as a keep. lake or memento. As a state polWcal party chairmmm during 1966.68 and a Lan Coun Legislator for thirteen years I had m contacts wlih Wan,. M, own recolh_o ot Wayne wLll be added to the booklet which thoge of your readers who mill m Lr own contributions will relve. AFROG AND JACKDOG A fro cam 91t on the bomo apool of out comir up for alr even once. / cL do is permeable to ox'gan, which it soaks water, a p'oeis qow,'l 89 "osmos." I believe tha warns.blooded mlm!s which lei them to soak up whom they have regular contact. In tell you that Jackdog was Just a ppyl to Condon Mght n_Yrhs ago. O course, imressionable age, and here in Condon, with r- good rland Roy Evaas. will not stay at home ff he can the Post Ole, early every mo;., aad R would be  to limit the letters of rolloion to thoe of political pro9 or to the political renm ouly. The boold,t w be mot tiffing ff it includes remmbrences ot hum interest, or in Salem on eight projects es- humorous events or of help sought and received. His love of  to eot $]I,800 ,000. bones, ltvutock and  and sut fairs should o18o i'oduce The Gflliam Com project recoUecU_ous worth and preserving. Please mztl your letters of recoll.Uons of WsTno Morse to me at 801 East Park Stast, Eugsn,, Orqon 97401. EDWARD N. FADLEY State Sonar Sam /:i Bids Received for Bids will be received by the bridges m Oregon Transporton Com. and729, mission on Thttrsda,y August 29 six /nterehange. palr of both elng rpr involves brtde repair on WWow Creek and Reek Creek , ./p tour x. At one time, eaterpillers were thought to GENERAL ' " i ...,,u, ACTUAL USE REPORT SHARING General' Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly .to local and state governments. Your government must report vising you how these funds have been used or obligated during the year from July 1, 1973 thru Jur This is to inform you of your government's priorities and to encourage your participation in decisions on how should be spent. ACTUAL EXPENDITURES THE GOVERNMENT OF CATEGORIES (A) CAPITAL (B) OPERATING/ RRL INGTON CITY hal received General Revenue Sharing payments Pueuc SAFETY $ = ENv,ON.A. 2't$ PROTECTION during the s uguc CCOUNT.O. 2 0.$ TRANSPORTATION RRL I NGTON C I T 4 .. $ TREQSURER s .ECmON $ $ RRLINGTON OREGON s UsRAmES $ $ 7 SOCL SERVICES o, AaEO o, Poe, $ $ 8 RNANCIAL ADMINISTRATION 9 MULTIPURPOSE AND GENERAL GOVT. 10 EDUCATION 11 90CIAL OB/B.OPMENT $ 12 NOUSING & COM* $ IS BONOMIC vOmmT $ 4 o'r.En(Se. $ $ 16 ,o,,. !L2 NONOtlCRIMINATION REUIREMENTII HAVE BEEN MET ,B .IqCAllON: I Nfll dtat I m dw Clef Ibmive Ofw emL Nrost, e 'A, .. (D) TRUST FUND REPORT (1) bNOtJog0o 1973 .......... S. fl) Rm Sharing Funds  from July 1. 1973 thrgh June 30. 1974..I () 0nu,e Em .................... $ (4) Total FudlAvalhk (9) Total Amount hlxmdM .... . ........ /O} 911gmcouMJuno30, 1974 .......... | (R.Itm  m My* Iwwm mlvlud th,t s mwm hm hm mm,hl in ,loca qw:ellllo I haMI  in9 amdmwm,