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April 20, 1951     The Times-Journal
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April 20, 1951

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I, Biological Warfare a threat to Gilliam County? What is biological warfare? checked for purity, and through- loaded with germs and toxins. In against us are well known to our Although many people talk 0ut "germ warfare", name the ey should use is biological war. It means atacking with:-- 1 living agents such as plant- insects; 2. poisons or "toxins", such as that come from bacteria; 3 SPecial kinds of chemicals, as weed killers• t logical tatcks could be made enemy forces or by secret It's a special weapon for against special targets• It 0t ln't gill or sicken every per- i in a large area. ', le attacks could be aimed at le, animals, or food crops. JlUtbiological warfare is NO ,cret superweapon. There are de- kennses against it and you should ")w what they are. Wi it something new? Even no help from man, germs Ve entered every major mili- vy champaign. More than once, rn]s, not genera]s, have decid- the outcome. Those were na- tal germs, naturally spread. 0w Our defenses against dis- e are better th-m they used to 0day the U. S. has a nation- system to prevent and con- disease outbreaks of all This safety network coy- not only people, but crops livestoci¢ as well. s are graded, drink- Water is purified, foods are out the land we see DDT spray- that case, the enemy would rely ing, and other measures against an the explosion to spread the rats, mosquitoes and other dis-germs or poisons around. ease-carrying vermin. Proofs that An enemy might prefer to the system works is shown by its work secretly. He could use fifth record. Diseases such as smallpox columnists to try to pollute fac- and typhoid fever, which caused tory food and water supplies• wholesale epidemics only 50 years Next, we will discuss some pop- ago, are now very rare. What are the btg dangers from biological warfare? In spite of our effective health safety system, B%V does hold dan- gers that we must be prepared to meet. There's little to fear from new kinds of diseases. The big danger to people is in new ways of spreading diseases already known. It is possible to spread disease germs through the air by floating them in fine sprays or mists, technically called aerosols. Bath- room atomizers, DDT bombs and spray guns produce small-scale aerosols. So far as we know, the aero- sole method of spreading disease germs has never b.en tried in actual warfare, but this might be tried by special sprayers car'ried in air?(lan(:s. In(lirect h.ansmission of disease is un(ertain. Direct disease trans- nlissioll, Stlch as hhwing gOl'l12S frc)m a spray gun into the air in- take of a factory ventilating sys- tem, may 1)e quick and sure. How else can biological attacks be made. Methods might also in- clude specially designed bombs LAST BIG CRUSADE FOR CHRIST - MEETING. SAT. NITE ular myths that should be elim- inated. VITAL lPACT What kind of germs and poi- sons might be used in biological warfare? That would depend on what the enemy hoped to get out of the attack. If he wanted to kill large numbers of people, he might use plague, typhus, cholera or small- pox. But an attacker might want to only make th people s=ck rather than to kill them. That would cripple both our fighting and .our pro(lucti(m forces. It al- so woul(t tie up (lotors al hos- pitals. There n'e mmv diseases that could be used to'attack the ttff- ferent animals upon whic!h we (le- pend for both fot)d and clothint*,. Examples of these ar, anthrax, or wo)l st)rters' disease, and g!ande,s. Fowl pest and new- castle disease might l)c used against poultry, and rin(lcrpest a{ainst cattle or sheep, Many kinds of plant plagues and pests could be used to attack food crops. scientists. What about new germs and poisons? Forget about new "mystery" germs and poisons• During the past few years, a great deal of foolish talk has been heard about supposedly new types of germs and poisons to powerful that even a thimbleful could kill mil- lions of people. You might as well talk of dividing one aspirin tablet evenly among the 11 rail. lion people in the greater New York area. No kind of biological warfare could kill or sicken every person in a large area or city. No "mystery germs" can cause terrible epidemics. And even if one were caused, we probably couht stamp it. out quickly. The reason plagues used to sweep t hr(hgh populations is because our ancestors did not have the fine health safely systems we have tc)(hly. • I,et'. consider next what we should do for self-protcction. , SI',I,F I I{0 IA lION \\;Vhal sel f-protect i(n "FIIIJSI S" are necessary ii1 event of bio- logic.el attack': 1. Keep yours(If and your home clean, l)on't help germs by makin things easy for them. 2. teport sickness promptly. 3. Give( all possible help to authorities. Cooperate if you are APRIL 21 MUSIC AT T:15 The kinds and effects of t)io- asked to give a blood sample or logical agents that might be used to take a vaccination. Keel) your III I ] I I U I I CONDON GLOBE.TIMES CON DON. ORIGON FRIDAY APRIL 20, 1951 +% neighborhood celan -- starting nOW. 4. Don't rush outside right af- ter a bombing• Instructions in "Survival Under Atomic Attack'" hold here ,too. Cover broken win- dows to keep out possible con. tamlnatlon. 5. Don't take chances witl food and water in open containers. 6. Don't 'Start rumors -- don't believe wild stores. Like defense hgainst air at- tacks, defense a gatnst biological warfare is neither sure nor simple. In spite of all our de- fenses we might be hit: But if we are prepared- if each per, son knows the facts and if we all work toget+her  we can ef- fectively defend ourselves against enemy bio1ogLiCal raids that might strike us. You wouldn't always have ad- vance warning of biological at- tacks. Even when an alarm sound° ed, you usually have no way of knowing just what was coming. But there is one thing you must d+¢ in any ra(le: Always get in- side a building or sheItc, r or some other protected Sl)Ot, if you can. SO'(lICE: "What You Should Kn)w About Biological Warefare'" official U. S. Gov't booklet. COMMUNITY SING AT 7:30 ta'OR SALE -- 1948 Eastern made :t0-t, trailer house. Ext. tend, elec. refrigerator and water heater included. Sleeps 4. In- quire S. H. Itowden, Olex, Ore- gon. 9t4 TYPEWRITERS Still Available CONDON GLOBE-TIMES "THE QUESTION GOD CAN'T ANSWER" --SPECIAL -- Rice Trio -- Another outstanding trumpet trio from Porland will give a 15 minute concert of special music. Condon HiGym ALL WELCOME COME EARLY .  R_ XTHE¥_TRACKSQiIT--H'/STE N '+ DEE: Eta E 00ACHUN+00P00Y, , CO. PENDLETO'N+ ORE, GON-ARLINGTONt ORE' ON-HEPPNER. OREGON-ATHENA, OREGOI ,%